Margo Chase

Listening to Margo Chase speak was both fascinating and slightly scary, with regards to my own future in graphic design.
One of the most important things I was able to take out of the presntation was the amount of tme and effort that is put into research for every job. In the past professors have mentioned and emphasized the importance of research with every project. However, with time constraints because of the semester lenght, it never really sunk in as much. Whereas, when Margo Chase explained how they would work on the research aspect for months at a time, which for the most part s longer than we spend on any single project, it really put into perspective the importance of research.
It was also fascinating to hear about Margo Chase's experience venturing into textile  design, in order to get out of being typecast. Being willing to leave one's comfort zone and explore new techniques, opportunities, and mediums is an important part of being a great designer. I have recently attempted to incorporate different traditional art techniques into my graphic design work. However, I will admit that I have been weary about moving into different methods of design, such as web or motion graphics. It is something that I have been attempting to work at but maybe not as much as I should have.