Olympics Logo - sketches and comps

For the 2020 Summer Olympic games I have chosen Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and has a population of over one million people. It is located on the East Coast at the mouth of the River Liffey and is one of the fastest growing capitals in Europe. Dublin has a very rich cultural history. This is apparent in the numerous cultural landmarks throughout the city, ranging from the Spire of Dublin, to St. Patrick's Cathedral, to Kilmainham Gaol. There are numerous artists that have come from Dublin and continue to call Dublin their home. As a result, the city is rich in the arts. The luscious parks are made that much more appealing and diverse as a result of the statues and other forms of art displayed.

Having visited Dublin in the summer of 2008 I can attest for the vibrant, lively nature of the city. While the city is rich in ancient culture, which is apparent especially in the architecture, it also has a very contemporary and modern aesthetic. The population in Dublin is both young and diverse, which I feel would perfectly suit the Olympics culture. The Olympics have never been held in Dublin, which would make Dublin an even greater choice. The economic growth in Dublin makes the coming years a better time than ever to host the Olympic games.

Logo sketches

Digital comps

Business Card logos

Letter head and envelope logos
Billboard logos

First round business card comp
Business letter comp - front
Business letter comp - back
Second round business card comp - front
Second round business card comp - front
Envelope Comp
Envelope comp

Final logo and assets can be viewed here: Olympics